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Purpose of the website

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Breeze in and Move in Pack

*All removal services to be carried out by Brendan Hare Removals to the maximum value of $1,500 plus GST.

+First week’s groceries based on three shopping lists up to the value of $300 supplied as a Woolworths voucher.

Costs allocated to moving and food are not redeemable for cash. Where the full amount isn’t utilised it cannot be refunded to the homeowner. 

These terms and conditions and any dispute in relation to them are governed by the law of Australia.


Styling Your Style

*All consultation services to be carried out by the preferred supplier of BP to the maximum value of $1,200 plus GST.

+Costs allocated to consultation services are not redeemable for cash. Where the full amount isn’t utilised it cannot be refunded to the homeowner. 

These terms and conditions and any dispute in relation to them are governed by the law of Australia.


A Warming Welcome

*All catering services to be carried out by the preferred supplier of BP to the maximum value of $1,208 plus GST.

+Costs allocated to catering services are not redeemable for cash. Where the full amount isn’t utilised it cannot be refunded to the homeowner. 

These terms and conditions and any dispute in relation to them are governed by the law of Australia.


The Florian Delacombe Shopping Centre Promotion (‘Promotion’) 

Promotion Details 
1. In these terms and conditions and any marketing materials and advertisements relating to the Promotion, Florian means the relevant entity associated with or related to Tait Street Investments Pty Ltd ACN 617 871 879 and Bonshaw Projects Pty Ltd ACN 617 873 471 selling land within the Florian estate at Bonshaw. 
2. The Promotion runs from 24 June 2019 until 7 July 2019 for the Florian estate (‘Promotion Period’). 
3. The Promotion only applies to lots within the Florian estate which are nominated by Florian from time to time as being eligible for the Promotion (‘Eligible Lots’). 
4. There are only a limited number of Eligible Lots within the Florian estate. 
5. Persons who are eligible to participate in the Promotion ('Eligible Participants') are persons who: 
a. have registered their details at the Delacombe Shopping Centre pop up stall on the form prescribed by Florian; 
b. have entered into an unconditional contract of sale (or a contract which becomes unconditional) to purchase an Eligible Lot; 
c. have paid the full 10% deposit due under the contract by 7 July 2019; and 
d. are not in default of the contract of sale. 
6. The Promotion is only valid during the Promotion Period, and is correct as at the time of publication, but may change at Florian's absolute discretion at any time. 
7. Florian gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, illustration, photograph or statement contained in any advertisement, or any information or statements made or given by its employees, agents or contractors, and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any party who relies upon the information in any advertisement, publication or statement except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. 

8. Each Eligible Participant who complies with these terms and conditions will receive a prepaid visa gift card for the value of $500 ("Gift Card") within 14 days of compliance with condition 5. 
9. The Gift Card is subject to these terms and conditions and is not transferable, nor redeemable or exchangeable for a discount or rebate on the purchase price of any lot sold to the purchaser. 
10. Entrants acknowledge that the Gift Card may expire or become void and may not be redeemed if it is defaced, stolen, damaged, altered or otherwise damaged or tampered with in any way and agree that Florian nor its related entities will be liable to reissue or reimburse the relevant purchaser for a Gift Card which expires or is so defaced, stolen, damaged, altered or otherwise damaged or tampered with in any way. 
11. Eligible Purchasers acknowledge that if they receive the Gift Card, they are bound by all terms and conditions relating to this Promotion and agree not to make any claim or objection against Florian or withhold any payment on any lot sold to the relevant purchaser. 
12. In the event of any dispute as to eligibility for the Promotion or the Gift Card, eligibility will be determined by Florian and Florian's decision will be final and binding. 
13. If the Eligible Participant fails to complete settlement of the relevant contract in accordance with the terms of the contract (or as otherwise agreed to by Florian), the relevant purchaser must forfeit any remaining balance on the Gift Card to Florian and Florian reserves the right to take action against the Eligible Participant to recover any amount spent by the Eligible Participant using the Gift Card, and the Eligible Participant will have no claim or recourse against Florian. 

General Terms of the Promotion 
14. The Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other promotion or offer by Florian and is subject to all terms and conditions contained in the contracts entered into by any Eligible Participant. 
15. Florian will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any person who relies upon the information in any advertisement relating to the Promotion or participates in the Promotion except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law, nor for any restriction of Florian's ability to provide any aspect of the Promotion as a result of the act of any third party. 
16. Florian may cancel or make changes to the Promotion at any time without notice. Such changes may include adding or withdrawing Eligible Lots or shortening or extending the Promotion Period. 
17. These terms and conditions supersede any prior terms and conditions for the Promotion. 

18. Florian collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion, to assist in providing the products or services an individual has requested (if any), and to improve its products and services. Florian may use the information for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, and may be in touch by any means (including telephone, email or SMS) at any time to let an individual know about products, services or promotional activities which may be of interest until the individual informs Florian otherwise. 
19. Florian may also share an individual's information with other persons or entities who assist it in providing its products or services or running competitions or trade promotions. Florian may also disclose personal information to third parties as required by Australian regulatory authorities. 
20. Florian is bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and by participating in the Promotion, each individual is taken to consent to Florian's privacy policy. Participants should direct any request to access, update or correct personal information to Florian.